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🎒 Little Sparks Montessori preschool opening this fall

A group of parents are reviving the spirit of Riversong Montessori, which closed suddenly this winter when its founder passed away.

Longfellow Whatever
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🎒 Little Sparks Montessori preschool opening this fall

Little Sparks Montessori preschool is preparing to open this fall, the initiative of a group of parents who had been enrolled at Riversong Montessori when it closed suddenly after the death of its founder in February. They plan to open in time for the first day of school.


For almost a decade, Lisa Cronin-Hennessy operated Riversong Preschool in a cozy, colorful classroom she rented from Christ Church Lutheran at 33rd Street and 34th Avenue. By all accounts, she was a special person — warm, caring, joyful — and created an intimate community of the dozen or so neighborhood families who enrolled their children there.