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🎥 Love is Blind *almost* filmed in Longfellow

It would've been great publicity for the new Clay Pit pottery studio, but this neighborhood newsletter feature will have to do.

Longfellow Whatever
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🎥 Love is Blind *almost* filmed in Longfellow
Soren DiStefano, proprietor of the soon-to-open Clay Pit pottery studio

Since word got out that the hit Netflix reality dating show Love is Blind is filming its next season in Minneapolis, there has been a surge of gossip about who, where, and what in our fair city will be featured.  

That chatter hit a fever pitch last month when the first TV crew sightings started filtering into the Minneapolis rumor mill. Things hit three-alarm level for me personally when I heard that the show — which had mostly been spotted at trendy, upscale North Loop and Northeast spots — would film a date at the Clay Pit, formerly cry baby clay, on 41st and Minnehaha. 

Then — ope! — it never happened. 

So, I intrepidly descended into the Love is Blind Minneapolis rabbit hole to get the tea on Longfellow's near-miss with reality TV depiction. From what I gathered through the grapevine: