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🧀 When's Shepherd's Table going to open?

Soon. Ish.

Longfellow Whatever
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🧀 When's Shepherd's Table going to open?

Elia Read knows what you’re wondering and he wants you to know that, yes, Shepherd’s Table is definitely still going to open. Soon. Ish. 

It’s been over a year since the Read family took over the endcap space in the charming retail building on 34th Street across from Longfellow Park and announced Shepherd’s Table, which they envision as an old-school community market serving locally-made groceries, coffee, sandwiches, ice cream, and gifts. The family has produced many of those products themselves at the Shepherd’s Way Farm they’ve run outside of Northfield for 30 years. (It's a family affair: Elia's younger brother runs the farm, he and his two other brothers pitch in, his mom makes the cheese, and his dad herds the sheep.)