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🍽️ A look at Lynette

A look at what the Lynette team has planned for the old Riverview Wine Bar space.

Longfellow Whatever
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🍽️ A look at Lynette
The soon-to-be Lynette at the corner of 42nd Avenue and 38th Street, formerly the Riverview Wine Bar and Cafe

Since announcing the general concept for the new restaurant going into the old Riverview Wine Bar space last fall, we haven't heard much from Lynette: Some construction coming-and-goings, a couple brief press mentions, and a prix-fixe menu pop-up event in December. 

But a few weeks ago the team showed a little more of what they have planned for 42nd Ave and 38th Street during a sneak preview at Petite León, the buzzy Kingfield restaurant where two of the co-owners hail from. 

Quick background: Travis Serbus and Ben Siers-Rients were part of the team that opened the beloved Richfield neighborhood joint Lyn65, which closed in 2021 when its building sold for redevelopment. Both also helped open Petite León in 2020, which the New York Times named one of the 50 best restaurants in the country. They've now partnered with their, well, partners — Billie Conaway and Melissa Siers-Rients — to buy the 4,500-square-foot Riverview Wine Bar and Cafe building and have positioned Lynette as something of the spiritual successor to Lynn65. 

Lynette's founding team, L to R: Billie Conaway, Travis Serbus, Ben Siers-Rients, and Melissa Siers-Rients | Instagram: @lynettempls

A few new things I've learned lately:  

  • Coffee bar stays: While they’ve overhauled the whole space and knocked down the wall that separated the wine bar from the cafe, they did keep the old coffee bar. Which means…
  • Morning coffee shop hours: They’re planning to open the coffee bar at 8 a.m. each day for coffee and pastries.